The PGF Board of Directors has announced that all bats used in the 2021 National Championship Tournament will be tested and must meet approved standards for compression testing and pass visual inspection. All game bats will be tested during team registration and player check in.

All game bats will be compression tested and an approval sticker applied prior to tournament play.

All bats used in game play must have a sticker.

Each bat will be inspected for:

Signs of excessive wear / paint chips
Excessive foreign substance attached to barrel of bat / pine tar/ resin.

A team representative MUST be present during testing.

Any bat that fails compression testing will be removed and stored at PGF headquarters.

Bats may be returned to its rightful owner after that team has concluded play (2nd bracket loss). All Bats, from all age divisions, may be picked up at the HB Sports Complex, except on championship day. On championship day, bats will be available at Deanna Manning Stadium, Bill Barber Park in Irvine, after 10:00am. If an owner fails to pick up their bat at the end of their respective event, then the bat may be shipped to its rightful owner at the sole expense of that owner.

Additionally, all game bats will be visually re-inspected by umpires prior to all games.

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Non-Approved Bats no changes since 6/22/2017

Non linear exception bats

Approved Bats