Refund Policy Example: Your team signs up for the 1) So Cal Qualifier and 2) Nor Cal Qualifier and 3) Northwest Qualifier. You register and pay the fees online for all three tournaments as instructed by the PGF web site. You are successful in obtaining a berth to the PGF National Championship, from the So. Cal Qualifier. Your team is entitled to a full refund of your entry fee(s), of which you paid online to the Nor Cal and Northwest Qualifier. Deadline's will be listed for each qualifier. If you team drops from a tournament after the deadline, you will not be entitled to a refund, unless your team had earned a PGF National Berth from a previous 2021 PGF Qualifier.

Refund Policy: All payments must be made by credit card only! All refunds will be issued to the credit card used when registering online. Premier Girls Fastpitch reserves the right to refuse any Coach,organization or team to participate in the 2021 National Championship or any further participation in any future Premier Girl Fastpitch event due to submitting non-sufficient funds for PGF Events.