PGF High School All-American Game Selection Process

Step #1 - The opening of nominations for the PGF High School All-American Game will commence online. Names can be submitted to by the following:

  • High School Coaches

  • Travel Ball Coaches

  • PGF Selection Committee Members

Step #2 - Eligible players must be in their Senior Year of High School, academically eligible, and in good standing with their schools. All information will be verified by the Selection Committee.

Step #3 - The selection process for the PGF High School All-American Game involves a National Selection Committee comprised of knowledgeable softball people from across the country. OnDeck Softball, Flo Softball, & USA Today will chair this selection process.

  • The Selection Committee will announce a "Watch List" that will be announced April 11th. The Selection Committee will develop the Watch List from nominations and other sources.

  • Players who blossom in the early part of their Senior Season can be added at any point in time by a Selection Committee member.

Step #4 - On May 6th, Regional Senior All-American Teams will be announced. Each Regional Senior All-American Team will consist of 20 players.

Step #5 - By May 18th, the two PGF High School All-American Teams will be selected. Each Team will consist of 3 pitchers, 3 catchers, 12 position players, and 2 alternates.

Step #6 - The PGF High School All-American Teams will be announced during the Women's College World Series.