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Those teams who have qualified for the PGF "National" Championships will not be allowed to play in any Regional "Championship" events. 


Welcome to our new Regional Format

PGF is pleased to officially announce the launching of its new Regional Fastpitch Softball program.  The Regional System is a completely new and separate softball program from our current National Championship system, held each year in Huntington Beach, California.

We have fielded numerous inquiries over the past two years as to when PGF will come to their state or community.  We realized that there are a vast number of teams from across the United States that are only interested in playing in their own individual states and regions.  Therefore, we will launch this Regional program immediately. 

The Country has been divided into Seven (7) PGF Regions.  Regional and State Directors have been established in many parts of the country.  We are still filling Regional and State positions to well qualified individuals.  If you are interested in a State Director position, please email your Regional Director or email our corporate headquarters at

Click here to see our Regional map, but dont stop reading just yet!!!

Hey! Did you know that you can sanction your event through PGF?
In addition to this new Regional format we will be officially sanctioning many tournaments throughout the United States.  Our goal is to have as many sanctioned PGF events across the nation as possible. This includes Friendlies, Weekend Tournaments, Clinics, Showcases, Qualifiers and Regional/National events.

Current PGF Sanctioned events:   All Surf City Tourneys, Huntington Beach, Ca., Demarini Invitational Showcase, Chicago, Ill., Banditfest Powered by OnDeck Softball, Chicago, Ill., Team New Jersey Summer Classic, Edison, NJ, Team New Jersey October College Showcase, Edison, NJ , Diamond 9 events, Orlando, Florida, Louisville Slugger, Boulder, Colorado and many more to come!!!

Please click on the "PGF Event Sanctioning" tab for additional information on this exciting new tournament program.

Regional World Series Championships

Seven Regional Championships, for each age group, will be held each summer at the Regional Directors discretion.  Champions to be awarded a berth to the PGF Regional Championship the following year.  Berth follows the Head Coach and may be carried up to a higher age group at the Regional level.  Regional Championship teams must retain a minimum of 7 players from their Championship Roster of record to retain their berth the following season/year.

Teams may only participate in the Regional Championship of which their Head Coach resides in.

If a team has qualified, been invited or has a returning berth to the PGF National Championships in Southern California, during the current respective season, that team may not participate in their respective Regional Championship. This Regional level is for the many local regional teams that dont aspire to play on the National level.

Regional Qualifiers - How to qualify for a Regional Championship

We want every team to have the opportunity to play in their PGF Regional Championship

1. Place 1st thru 4th in a Regional "Qualifier" held anywhere in the country

2. Once you have played in four (4) qualifiers you will receive an automatic berth to your Regional Championship, no matter how you finished in each event.  NOTE: We realize that because we are lauching this program after the completion of the fall season, that it might be difficult for some teams to play in four events due to winter in some parts of the country.  The Regional Directors, at their discretion, may invite teams within their respective region to the Regional Championships.  This will only apply to the 2013 fastpitch season.

What constitutes four events?

a. You may play in a Regional Qualifier in another region.  This will count as one of your four participating tournaments.  If you place 1st thru 4th you will be given a berth to "your" respective Region.  The next two highest placed teams from within that region will also receive berths to their respective regions.

b. If you play in a "National" Qualifier, anywhere in the United States, we will also count this as one of your four tournaments, however if your team qualifies at any PGF National Qualifier, it "will not" qualify you for the Regional Championships in your region.  Remember, if you have qualified for the PGF "National" Championships, you "would not" be eligible to play in the Regional Championships.  Once again, the Region level is for the local regional teams that dont aspire to play on the Nations level.

Note for Clarity:  Although you may play in a Regional Qualifier a number of times, in any number of Regions.  You may only play in the Regional Championship in the Region where your Head Coach resides.  Any berths you may earn can only be used in your home Region.

PGF Registration and Insurance

Regional Qualifiers, State Events, etc....When entering an event, you are not required to register, nor insure your team with PGF.  However, any Tournament Directors may require you to Register PGF in order to participate in their tournaments.  This is always left at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director.  If you are using any insurance other than PGF insurance, YOU WILL have to provide the Tournament Director with proof of Team Insurance, naming Premier Girls Fastpitch, Inc. as an Additional Insured.

Regional Championships, PGF National Qualifiers and PGF National Championships......All teams WILL BE required to be REGISTERED THROUGH PGF.
We will accept any team insurance for all  PGF Qualifiers.  
We will only accept PGF Insurance for all 2013 PGF "National Championships and Regional Championships". 

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