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  • Premier/Platinum
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18U - (30 TEAM MAX)

16U - (36 TEAM MAX)

14U - (24 TEAM MAX)

12U - (12 TEAM MAX)




Start Date: 06/26/2020

End Date: 06/28/2020

    (971) 645-3059
  • Approved Teams
  • Pending Teams
Team Name Age State/Province
AASA- Bryson 16U CA
AASA- Bryson 12U CA
AASA - Higa 12U WA
All American Mizuno 18 Gold Jackson 18U CA
Athletics Mercado/Magorian 16U 16U CA
Bat Company 16U OR
Bat Company 14U OR
CA Grapettes 06 - Medina 14U CA
California Breeze Birch 16U CA
Cal Nuggets 14U Woods 14U CA
Cal Nuggets 18U Woods 18U CA
Cal Nuggets Woods 16U 16U CA
Firecrackers CC - Wallace 16U CA
Foothill Gold Stinson 18G 18U CA
Hillsboro Diamondbacks 18A 18U OR
Lady Kingers Trickel 14A 14U OR
Lady Magic - Munoz 18U CA
Maui Titans 16U 16U HI
Norcal Firecrackers Miller/Baisdon 16U CA
NW Bullets-Campbell 18U OR
NW Bullets - Campos/Dawson 14U WA
NW Bullets - Duman 16U OR
NW Bullets - Hendrickson 16U OR
NW Vandals 14A 14U OR
NW Vandals - Scott 16U OR
Oregon Blaze 12U OR
Oregon Blaze 14A 14U OR
Oregon Blaze 16A Elite 16U OR
Oregon Red Heat 03 16U OR
Oregon Thunder 12U OR
Oregon Titans Boytz/Clark 14U OR
Power Fastpitch 18G 18U CA
PS33 Academy 06 Archie 14U CA
RAMPAGE Silver 14A 14U WA
San Jose Sting Gold-Gron 18U CA
San Jose Sting- Gron 14U CA
Semper Fi Bulldogs - Lucero 18U CA
So Cal Mavericks 16U 16U CA
Sorcerer Rodriguez 16U CA
Spokane Sliders 16U WA
Suncats Jimenez 18U CA
Suncats Jimenez 2023 14U CA
Team Idaho Dirtdogs 16U ID
Team Seattle 12U WA
Team Seattle 14U WA
Universal Fastpitch 08 Kimura 12U CA
Universal Fastpitch - 14u Camara 14U CA
WA Acers 18U Gold Anderton 18U WA
Washington Angels 16 Gold - HIner 16U WA
Washington Angels 18 Gold - Benson 18U WA
Washington Ladyhawks 12U Klippert 12U WA
Washington Ladyhawks 14u -Abraham 14U WA
Washington LadyHawks 14U Breer 14U WA
Washington Ladyhawks 16u Gold 16U WA
Washington Ladyhawks 18 Hirai 18U WA
Washington Ladyhawks Gold Miller 18U WA
Washington Synergy - Ellitt 18U WA
West Bay Warriors 16U 16U CA
West Bay Warriors 18U 18U CA
Team Name Age State/Province
California Breeze '07 - Hayes 12U CA
California Breeze 2026 Almont 12U CA
NW Vandals 18A 18U OR
Oregon Thunder- Gonzalez 16U OR
PS33 08 Archie 12U CA
SFC Attitude 14U WA
  • North Clackamas Sports Complex (NCSC) 5440 SE Kellogg Creek Drive Milwaukie, OR 97222
  • Hoodview Park (HP) 16223 SE Stadium Way Happy Valley, OR 97015
  • Gordon Faber Sports Complex (GFSC) NW 229th Avenue Hillsboro, OR 97015


Upon acceptance to the tournament, all teams traveling 75 miles or more to participate, must reserve their rooms through Traveling Teams and stay in a Premier Girls Fastpitch approved property, at the tournament rates, or your team will be subject to a $650 housing buyout fee.

  • There is a mandatory 8 room minimum per team (not organization), per night, during the teams stay for tournament play. Once the team is eliminated from tournament play the 8 room minimum requirement will be lifted.
  • Do not book your Hotel through any other travel agent.
  • In order to get the special tournament rates you must click their Logo on the left.
  • Any team that falls under the 8 room minimum per night during their stay for the tournament will be subject to a pro-rated hotel buyout fee of $81.25 per room short of the 8 room minimum.
  • Each team is required to make Hotel Reservations with one of the Premier Girl Fastpitches' Hotel sponsors listed on the tournament site. Failure to use tournament hotels will jeopardize your team's participation in future events.
  • Wishing to do a hotel buyout for your team? Contact Bill Sparry by email: Bill.Sparrey@PGF-MAIL.COM



We ask you to please use our sponsored Tournament Hotels. Please keep in mind that the Hotels that are providing College Coach discount rates are also the Hotels that have provided rooms to the teams. Please submit your request at least 30 days prior to the Tournament date to confirm Discounted Rates.


Teams and Recruiters. Click the Logo on the left to make hotel reservations for our National Qualifiers.