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Tournament Information for
PGF National Qualifier - Huntington Beach, CA

Games will be hosted on 03-22-2013 thru 03-24-2013
Log on to enter tournament and print payment form:
Premier Girls Fastpitch
18281 Gothard St. #112
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Tournament Director: Dan Hay email

Use the buttons on the left to register to PGF

Deadline to Register is March 12th


Draw will be at 6:30pm on Monday,  March 18th at the PGF Office located at 18281 Gothard Street, Suite 112, Huntington Beach, CA. 92648. 

Use the yellow shaded buttons above for tournament information and to log on. 




If you are a new team to our Premier Girls Fastpitch site then you may Create a PGF Team Account on our site. After you register, you must wait for our website to email you, your user id and password. Once you have received your user id and password, you may now log on as though you are a previously registered team by clicking the "Championship" or "Qualifiers" button. Then click log on the yellow tab, now click the blue log on button provided. This will take you to your Team Page where you may enter all of your team information. If you do not receive your log on information within 1 hour, please use the lost password button. Make sure you check your spam box. If you still did not receive your log on info then, contact Steve, In the subject type "I did not receive my log on info". Include your team name and age division in your message also indicate that you have checked your spam box.

Once you have chosen what tournaments that you would like to enter, you have two ( 2 ) weeks to download/print the entry form and submit payment or you may be dropped from the registration process and be required to start over.


Attending Qualifiers (Once Qualified or Invited)

Any team that has been granted a 2013 Invitation and/or has earned a 2013 Qualifying Berth is ineligible to play in other 2013 PGF Qualifier Tournaments.  If an invited/qualified team chooses to play in another PGF Qualifier they will forfeit their previous 2013 invitation or berth.


Please contact our Housing Coordinator at Traveling Teams
They are the official Travel agency for Premier Girls Fastpitch.

Click their Logo below to make your reservations.

Traveling Teams

We are pleased to announce that PGF has contracted
Traveling Teams to now handle all Hotel Team Reservations!!

**Please be aware that your team is required to make all Hotel Reservations with one of the Premier Girls Fastpitch Hotel sponsors listed on this site. Failure to use tournament hotels will jeopardize your team's participation in future events**

***Teams that wish to make a hotel reservation at a location of their own choosing may do so for a fee, payable to Premier Girls Fastpitch, in the amount of $500.00 per team(Qualifier) or $1,500 per team (Natl Championship)***

****Disclaimer: Premier Girls Fastpitch receives a rebate from each hotel on this list, based on your teams gross revenue.


You may create and update your player profiles, for the tournament College Book at anytime, by logging onto your team page, then clicking on the blue button "Edit Players". Each college in attendance will receive a detailed profile booklet of all the teams registered in this tournament. The college coaches will also have full access to your team profiles online, before and after the tournament. It is important that you update your team profiles when needed. Once the deadline has passed, your changes will not be entered in the printed book but will be available for online viewing only.

We also provide a premium profile for individual players at the

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Teams intending to participate

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