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PGF National Championships
National Directors - Dan Hay & Gary Haning

PGF National Championships

Start and End Dates
Tournament Name
07-19-2014 » 07-25-2014
14U 16U
07-26-2014 » 08-02-2014
12U 18U 18P

2013 ORDER OF FINISH 12U 14U 16U 18Platinum 18Premier








The 2014 PGF National Championship will remain a mixture of invited and qualified teams, in all age divisions.

2014 PGF National Berths will be awarded as follows:

1) 18HS Premier Division – 1st Place thru 9th Place will receive a berth to the next year’s PGF Nationals Championship. Since this would include ties it would mean a total of twelve (12) maximum berths from this age division.

2) 18HS Platinum Division - Winner of Platinum Division receives a berth to next year’s Premier Division. 2nd place thru 5th place receive an automatic berth to next year’s Platinum Division.

3) 16U -14U – 12U Divisions – 1st Place thru 5th Place will receive a berth to the next year’s PGF Nationals Championship. Since this would include ties it would mean a total of six (6) maximum berths from each age division.

4) 16U and 14U Platinum Division - Winner of Platinum Division receives a berth to next year’s Premier Division. 2nd place thru 5th place receive an automatic berth to next year’s Platinum Division.

5) Returning Berths are attached to the PGF National Championship Designated Head Coach of the previous year. The Designated Head Coach will be identified as the person listed as such, on the previous year’s PGF National Championship Official Roster. This Official Championship Roster will be your official team roster that you present to a tournament official at check-in before participating in the previous year’s Championship

6) Returning berths are only valid for that age division. The Designated Head Coach may not bring the berth to an upper or lower division and may not assign the berth to another coach within their organization.  If the Designated Head Coach leaves the organization from which they earned the respective berth for another organization said berth will follow and be retained by that Head Coach at the new organization.

7) The Champion of the 2013 PGF National Championships in each division will receive free entry into the 2014 PGF National Championships, provided they are still considered a team in good standing, based on our PGF Rules and Regulations.

PGF National Championship Invitations:

Invitations to the PGF National Championship” may” be extended to teams in all the divisions. These invitations are extended by the PGF BOARD. It should also be noted that per PGF Board policy, only one team per organization in each age division can receive an invitation. If one team from an organization has a returning berth, no other team from that organization is eligible for an Invitation.

2014 Returning Berths and Invitations

The berths and invitations listed below are based on last year's order of finish and/or an official invitation from the PGF. Most, but not all of these teams, have accepted the berth. Any berths that are not accepted will be filled through the National Qualifying Tournaments or by At-Large Berths based on summer play.

18U Premier Division:

Returning Berths: So Cal Athletics, OC Batbusters Haning, Texas Glory, Beverly Bandits, East Cobb Bullets Schnute, Firecrackers Rico, Jersey Intensity, Gold Coast Hurricanes, Lady Lightning Gold, KC Peppers, Strike Force Guerra

Invited Teams: Rhode Island Thunder, Corona Angels Tyson, Sorcerers, Washington Ladyhawks, Birmingham Thunderbolts Gold, Grapettes Gold, Arizona Storm, So Cal Choppers, Atlanta Vipers Jennings, Team North Florida, Wichita Mustangs, Texas Impact Gold KC, Nebraska Gold, Cal Cruisers, Virginia Legends, Explosion, Minors Gold, NW Bullets, Texas Bombers Gold, Tennessee Fury Lewis

18U Platinum Division:

Returning Berths: CC Dirt Dogs, Texas Peppers Gold, TNL Downs

Invited Teams: OC Batbusters Stith, American Athletics SJ, Georgia Power, Iowa Premier, Jersey Inferno Elite, Northern Ice, Boise Blast, Spokane Crash, So Cal Choppers, Firecrackers DFW, Nebraska Quakes, Texas Glory RWB, American Freedom Gold Mattox, Mizuno All American, Texas Black Widows, Idaho Diamond Bandits

16U Premier Division:

Returning Berths: Beverly Bandits, So Cal A's Myers, Minnesota Sting, Firecrackers Blanco, East Cobb Bullets Bass 

Invited Teams: OC Batbusters Smith, So Cal Choppers Shipman/Ziese, Lady Lightning Gold, Corona Angels Dena, Texas Glory Naudin, Birmingham Thunderbolts Horton, Atlanta Vipers Kates, Wichita Mustangs, Cal Lite, Washington Ladyhawks Nelons, Louisville Sluggers Jordan, OK Gametime Stars, Georgia Elite, Explosion-Greg, Gold Coast Hurricanes, Cal Breeze Mashburn, Lady Magic, Germantown Red Devils

16U Platinum Division:

Invited Teams: Ohio Outlaws, Louisiana Pride, Oklahoma Twisters, Idaho Xtreme


14U Premier Division:

Returning Berths: So Cal Athletics Quarles, Austin Stars

Invited Teams: So Cal Choppers Moore, Corona Angels Perez, OC Batbusters Marinacci, Firecrackers Lutterloh, Beverly Bandits DeMarini, Birmingham Thunderbolts Roberson, Atlanta Vipers Vallery, Arizona Suncats, Texas Glory Y2K, Lady Lightning Gold, Georgia Impact Jeffreys, Power Surge Berndes, KG Hitters Kiko, Jersey Intensity, Lil Rebels, Sorcerers, Gold Coast Hurricanes

Qualified Teams: Texas Bombers Futures HTX, So Cal Athletics TO/Mercado


14U Platinum Division:

 Invited Teams: Salinas Storm Kaiser

Qualified Teams: Impact Gold Grotenhuis


12U Division: 

Returning Berths: OC Batbusters Steele, Corona Angels Dena, Salinas Storm Jimenez, 

Invited Teams: So Cal Choppers Rourick/Olson, Firecrackers Thornburg, So Cal Athletics Mercado, Birmingham Thunderbolts Dorsett, East Cobb Bullets Caldwell, Georgia Impact Stewart, Texas Glory Blue 01, Idaho Flash

Qualified Teams: OC Batbusters Stith, OC Batbusters Young, OC Batbusters Bracamonte, So Cal Breakers 01, SA Tapout, Texas Glory 2020, AZ Thundercats 01


Attending Qualifiers (Once Qualified or Invited)

Any team that has been granted a 2014 invitation and/or has earned a 2014 qualifying berth is ineligible to play in other 2014 PGF Qualifier Tournaments. If an invited/qualified team chooses to play in another PGF Qualifier they will forfeit their previous 2014 invitation or berth.


The mission of Premier Girls Fastpitch is to provide a national platform on which fastpitch softball players can demonstrate their individual and team-enhancing skills, competing against the Best of the Best players and teams.