Umpire Membership

Registration for membership is easy and just takes a few minutes.

How registering for umpire membership works:

  1. Click the REGISTER NOW button to the right.

  • If this is your first time in the new registration system, choose"Create a Stack Sports Account"
  • If you have already created a Stack Sports account, you can sign in and register for Umpire membership using the same email address you used previously to create your member account.
    You do not have to create a second account.

3. Complete Registration

  • Complete a simple registration form.
  • You will be asked for your authorization and information to complete a background check.
  • The fee for membership is $39. Fee is nonrefundable.
  • VISA/MASTERCARD are accepted for any fees charged.

General Membership Information:

  • The annual registration fee covers background checks, PGF membership and insurance.
  • PGF Umpire Insurance is available September 1 to September 1 each year.
  • PGF requires ALL umpires to register EVERY season.
  • All PGF Umpires are required to wear official PGF Umpire Apparel.
  • Print your I.D. Card

How Do I Get My Insurance Certificate?

  • After you are done with online registration, follow the links to go to your Member Account or Log In again using the same email address.
  • After you log into your Member Account, click the MY REGISTRATIONS button.
  • Click the PRINT button under the Insurance column.
  • You may return to print your insurance certificate at any time.
Register Now
If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.