What is the Premier/Platinum Division?

The Premier Division is one of the best Girls Fastpitch Softball Divisions in the World. Platinum compliments the Premier Division well, acting as a stepping stone to Premier. All around the country, teams from this division play in elite Showcases, National Qualifiers, and the PGF National Championships in Huntington Beach, CA. PGF Membership, as well as Age/ID Verification is required.

What is the Regional Division?

The PGF Rregional Division is a Regional Travel Ball Division that spands nationwide. Giving everyone the chance to participate, PGF Regionals holds solid competition and a growing number of Teams looking to play in our Regional Championships.

Can a PGF Regional Team play in Premier Events?

No. A RegionalTeam can only play in PGF Regional Sanctioned Events. If wanting to play in Premier Events, a RegionalTeam will need to sign up for the Premier Platinum Division and meet the requirments of Age/ID verification for players. However, Premier/Platinum Teams can play in Regional Events if they so choose.

What is a Team Connect Code & where do I find it?

Your Team Connect Code is a specially assigned I.D. for your team. A Coach will be asked to enter their Team Connect Code when entering tournaments. It can be found in Bonzi Team, or by logging into your Member Account at and clicking View Team Assignments.

What is Team Connect?

Team Connect by Stack Sports is a team interactive website. This is where all PGF Rosters live, regardless of division. Coache's will be invited to join TEAM CONNECT after signing up their team. DO NOT CREATE A TEAM IN TEAM CONNECT WITHOUT BEING INVITED BY PGF!!

Where do I upload Pictures and Birth Certificates?

Next to the player's name, there are two upload icons. One for picture and one for birth certificate. JPEG is the best format for picture, and PDF is the best format for birth certificate. Coaches and Umpires have an upload icon for picture next to their names as well.

Click here for a detailed version on uploading Birth Certificates and Pictures.

TEAM CONNECT - Not Acitvated-Membership Pending?

Not Activated-Membership Pending = Parent/Player have not accepted Team Connect Email Invite from Coach.

Activated-Membership Pending = Parent has accepted Team Connect invite, signed up player, but player has not been AGE/ID Verified via Birth Certifcate yet.

Activated - Never Signed In = Player is on roster and AGE/ID Verified. Registration is complete.

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