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Louisville Slugger Sports Complex is pleased to be host to the best postseason event in the Midwest.
We hope you find your stay here in Peoria to be enjoyable and you have a great softball experience.

We are playing at the top two venues in the state of Illinois for softball.
Please treat the facilities with the respect they deserve.
Pick up after your team and keep in control of all your team and equipment.
Help keep the parks beautiful and follow all facility signage.

  • No coolers, outside food or drink allowed through gates. 
    Water is provided in the dugouts at both locations.
  • Shelled nuts of any kind are not allowed at LSSC- please pass that to all players, fans and all coaches.
    There is serious consequence to the TEAM if players or coaches do not follow rule- up to immediate removal from the tournament.

Passes are good at any gate at any gate location

Adult Pass- $20, $7 Daily
Child Pass- $15, $4 Daily

Warm up Areas
Both facilities have green space for warm up between the fields.
ESC has toss nets available, LSSC has batting cages and toss nets in each quad. 
 Facility Footwear:     
LSSC-100% synthetic facility. NO metal cleats are allowed. Molded is best alternative.
ESC- Natural dirt/grass facility. There are no cleat restrictions.

Facility Locations

Louisville Slugger Sports Complex
8400 N. Orange Praiire Rd
Peoria 61615

EastSide Centre
1 EastSide Dr.
East Peoria 61611



General Information
Program Types
  • Premier/Platinum
  • Futures
Age & Gender

18U, 16U, & 14U




Start Date: 07/26/2017

End Date: 07/30/2017

  • Dave Betcher
    PGF Illinois State Director
    (815) 557-6536
  • Approved Teams
  • Pending Teams
Team Name Age State/Province
14u Extreme Elite 14U IL
Avanti's Yellow Jackets 16U Gold 16U IL
BATS Academy 14U 14U WI
B.A.T.S. Academy 16U - Graves 16U WI
B.A.T.S. Academy 16U - Knoblauch 16U WI
B.A.T.S. Academy 18U 18U WI
Beverly Bandits Helbling 14U 14U IL
Blast 16U IL
BNGSA Angels 01 16U IL
BNGSA Avanti's Angels 99's 18U IL
Bulls Sox Academy 18U IL
Bulls Sox Academy 16ukk 16U IL
Bulls/Sox Academy (CV) 16U IL
Bulls Sox Academy (PGF) 14U IL
Cardinals '01 16U
Cardinals 03 14U MI
Central Indiana Catz 2000 16U IN
Chicago Cheetahs 14U-RK 14U IL
Cincy Doom '01 - Barnes 16U OH
Cincy Slammers Gold 14U 14U OH
Clutch Hitters - Evavold 16U MN
Comettes 16U
Crown Point Bulldogs 16U IN
Cyclones Fastpitch 16U MI
Diamonds '03 14U MN
Dirt Devils TB 16U IL
Downriver Diamonds 16U MI
East Peoria Express BD 16U IL
Elite 18U MI
Elite (Sumoski) 16U MI
ESP Elite 16u Gold 16U IL
ESP Elite 18u Gold 18U IL
ESP Elite Black 16U IL
ESP Elite RED 16U IL
Esprit 14U MO
Extreme Elite 16u Freshmen 16U IL
Extreme Elite 16u Gold 16U IL
Fever Premier Fastpitch 16U IL
Finesse 13U - Wojcik 14U MI
Finesse 14U Nieto 14U MI
Finesse 16u Blackswamp 16U
Finesse16u Blevins 16U MI
Finesse 16u - Carson 16U MI
Finesse 18U-Holton 18U MI
Finesse Eppler 18U MI
Firecackers-Wi-Laughrin 14U WI
Firecrackers-WI-Eastman 16U WI
Freeland Elite 16U MI
Grand Rapids Blaze 16U MI
GRB Rays 18U WI
GRB Rays 16U WI
Hawks 18u Rivera 18U
Hitting Center 01 16U IL
Hitting Center 99 18U IL
Hurricanes Fastpitch '03 14U MI
Illinois Fire 18U IN
Illinois Fire Blue 14U IN
Illinois Impact EB 16U IL
IL/WI Stateline Fury Red 16U 16U IL
Indiana Gators Coleman 02' 14U IN
Indiana Prospects 14U North-Ichiyama 14U IN
Indiana Prospects Norwood 18u 18U IN
Indiana Shock 2000 - Premier 16U IN
Indiana Shock 2001 -Elite 16U IN
Indiana Shock 2002 - Elite 14U IN
Indiana Shock 99 - Premiere 18U IN
Indiana Shockwaves - Meadows 16U IN
Intensity - Neal 14U MO
Iowa Blitz DeCamp 18U IA
Iowa Premier 14U 14U IA
Kane County Xplosion 16U IL
Kentucky Magic 18U KY
Lady Chargers 18U WI
Lakeshore Pirates 16U MI
Lasers Black 14U
Lemont Rockers 16U IL
Lemont Rockers 18U DD 18U IN
LIDS Indiana Dreams 18U Rummel 18U IN
LIDS Indiana Dreams - Wirey 14U IN
Lightning fastpitch 16U MI
Lockport Pride 14U 14U IL
Madness 15U 16U MI
McHenry County Heatwave 15U 16U IL
Michigan Generals 16U MI
Michigan Generals 14u 14U MI
Michigan Lookouts 18U MI
Michigan Outlaws 01 - Culver 16U MI
Mid Michigan Chaos 16U 16U MI
Mid-Michigan Firestix 16u Cruthers 16U MI
Midwest Machine 14U 14U IL
Midwest Speed 14U MN
Midwest Speed 14U Elite 14U MN
Midwest Speed 16U Elite 16U MN
Midwest Speed 16U Green 16U MN
Midwest Speed 18 Elite 18U MN
Midwest Speed 2002 Black 14U MN
Midwest Speed 2003 Black 14U MN
Milan Aces 03 14U IL
Minnesota Force 14U Bruzek 14U MN
Minnesota Force-Rehberger 16U MN
Minnesota Force-Simonson 18U MN
Minnesota Irish 14U Gold 14U MN
MI Outlaws 16u Graham 16U MI
Mizuno Hawks Judge 16U 16U IL
MN Force 14U Ascher 14U MN
MN Force 16U Buffington 16U MN
MN Force 18U Staton 18U MN
Mn Irish 18 Gold 18U MN
mn irish gold 16U MN
MN Snocatz 16 Black 16U MN
MN Sting Gold 18U 18U MN
Motor City Hit Dogs 16u-Campbell (PGF) 16U
Motor City Madness 02 14U MI
Motor City Madness 13U Red 14U MI
MW Glory 18U 18U WI
Mystique 16U IN
Mystique 14U IN
Mystique 18u 18U IN
NI Thunder 16U 16U IL
Northern ICE Elite 16U IL
NWI Clovers 16U IL
oakland cobras 16u gold 16U MI
Ohio Nightmare Fastpitch 16U OH
Ohio Outlaws 16U Elite = Kenneally 16U OH
Orland A'S Brad 16U IL
Orland Park A's 14U DD 14U IL
Peoria Sluggers 16u Leverton 16U
Peoria Sluggers 18u 18U IL
Premier Fastpitch 2001 16U IL
Pro Player 18U AF 18U IL
QC Firebirds 00 16U IL
Rockers Black 18U 18U IL
Rosemont Bandits 14U IL
Rosemont Bandits 16U 16U IL
Rosemont Bandits 18U 18U IL
Shockwaves-Davis 16U
Silver Hawks 16u Russell 16U IL
Silver Hawks 18u Pasquale 18U IL
Southeast Ia Allstars,14U Gold 16U IA
Southeast Ia Allstars,16U Gold 16U IA
Southeast Ia.Allstars,18U-Gold 18U IA
Stateline Fury Black 16U IL
St Louis Heat 03 14U MO
SVYSA Skyhawks 16U IL
Team Michigan 16u 16U MI
Thunder Elite 16U Premier 16U OH
Tinley Park Rockers -Ball 14U IL
TN Softball 14U 14U IN
UNY Revolution 16U NY
UNY Revolution/Scialo 18U NY
Warren wave 18u 18U IL
Warren Wave Silver 14U IL
Wheatland Spikes 16U IL
Whitnall Rage 16U Blue 16U WI
Windmills '02 14U
Windy City Ice (Gray) 16U IL
Windy City Thunder 14U-DM 14U IL
Windy City Thunder RM 16U IL
WI Redbirds 16U WI
Wisconsin Bandits 16U WI
Wisconsin Lightning 16U Gold 16U WI
Wisconsin Lightning 16U - Regnier 16U IL
Wisconsin Redbirds 14U WI
Team Name Age State/Province
  • Louisville Slugger Sports Complex 8400 Orange Prairie Road Peoria, IL 61615



To ensure LSSC’s success and ability to offer the best possible experience, participating teams traveling from outside 75mi. are required to use our online housing system set up through the facility.

Qualified teams must have a minimum of 8 rooms per night picked up in the LSSC system by the tournament deadline. Failure to follow LSSC housing policy will result in the team not being scheduled into the tournament.

Shea Olehy – LSSC Hotel Director | Shea@SluggerPeoria.com | 309-273-6950