REGISTRATION: All players must be Age/ID Verified in order to complete team registration for all PGF National Qualifiers. Additionally, there is a 10 player roster minimum. All Coaches must pass a background check and be cleared to participate with their team. PGF Insurance is a mandatory requirement for all National Qualifiers. If your team does NOT have PGF Insurance, you will be asked to purchase it on the spot.
Example 1: A team has 15 players on the roster. 10 of the 15 are Age/ID Verified. The minimum roster requirement is met, but since all the players are not Age Verified, that team cannot complete registration.
BERTHS: Qualifiers will be assigned the maximum number of berths available from PGF Headquarters.
Each qualifier must have at least 5 teams registered and paid for the qualifier to be played.
After the initial 5 teams in any qualifier, the berths will be in proportion to 1 berth for every 5 additional teams registered and paid up to the maximum number of berths…for example… if a qualifier is assigned 4 berths to the Premier Division, it must have at least 15 teams registered and paid for all 4 berths to be awarded…. If a qualifier with 4 berths only has 10 teams registered and paid, then 1 berth will be removed from the berths awarded and returned to PGF Headquarters for future determination.
  1. Must have at least 5 teams entered for qualifier to be played
  2. Up to 2 berths (Premier) for the first 5 teams in qualifier (unless only 1 berth was assigned)
  3. For qualifiers with 6-10 teams entered, only 1 additional berth is added (up to the maximum originally allocated), thus if a qualifier had a maximum number of 4 berths and only 10 teams were entered, then only 3 berths would be given out with the 1 remaining berth returned to PGF Headquarters.
Once a team has qualified, they must immediately notify the Tournamant Director of their berth acceptance to the PGF National Tournament. If the berth is accepted, each team has mandatory 10 days to pay their entry fees to PGF Headquarters. Teams who fail to meet this deadline requirement could lose their berth. In the event a team that qualifies declines their berth, those berth(s) could be offered to teams by order of finish or they may be returned to the PGF Board of Directors to be distributed at their sole discretion. ALL QUALIFYING TEAMS ROSTERS ARE FROZEN AT THIS TIME AND PLAYERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY FOR ANY OTHER TEAM AT THE 2019 PGF NATIONALS!!
Individual players who compete in a qualifying tournament at any age division may be added to a team in a younger or older age division as long as they meet the guidelines for player transfers.

Teams or any size group of players under the direction of the Manager or Coaches of a team that compete in any age division MAY NOT collectively move to another age division once they have competed in a National Qualifier.

All players rostered on a team that does not qualify for PGF will not be released from that team without one of the following:

  • Written release from the head coach. Release must be sent to PGF Corporate Office
  • Head Coach declares they are no longer pursuing PGF berth. This must be in writing to the PGF Corporate Office
  • After July 5th, 2019, all players from non qualified or non invited teams will be automatically released without written permission and free to play with any team at PGF as long as they are age eligible for that division.